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Interview with Derek Bond, co-curator of Hacked at Theatre 503

I recently wrote a piece for Wired on a show called Hacked, an artistic response to the phone hacking scandal, which featured a series of short plays all based on one or more voicemail messages contributed by anonymous (except for … Continue reading

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Story songs for Story Whores

This week the Southwark Playhouse is being turned into a brothel. Not, thankfully, because of the governments cuts to the arts (not yet, anyway), but for Story Whores, a theatrical event which will see tales doled from behind the bar, … Continue reading

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Alan Moore's Unearthing live at The Old Vic Tunnels

Last weekend began in an interesting way. I found myself wandering through derelict tunnels underneath Waterloo Station, where I stumbled upon a small theatre. Okay, I was expecting the theatre to be there, I’m not generally in the habit of … Continue reading

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My two cents on the iPad

It’s all been about the iPad this week, hasn’t it? Well, not all of it, but certainly some of it. And, in some small part, that has been my fault. First off, tech blog Pocket-lint asked me to contribute to … Continue reading

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Zero Degrees

Okay, I made a promise yesterday and today I’m breaking it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start bleating on about another musical. No, this time I’m going to risk what little indie credibility I have left by telling you … Continue reading

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