The CMU Podcast: Live – Episode 1

Last Tuesday, I pitched up at The Roundhouse in London for the first ever live recording of The CMU Podcast. It was a little nerve-wracking doing the show for the first time, with really no idea how it was going to turn out. But thankfully all went well. We had a great audience, and my … Continue reading The CMU Podcast: Live – Episode 1

Digital Music Trends 112

I was on the Digital Music Trends podcast again last week, this time with music industry analyst Mark Mulligan and Ben Sisario from The New York Times. In the show we discussed Soundcloud's new look, music discovery,'s revamp and the launch of its new Piki radio app, and iTunes 11. You can find more information on … Continue reading Digital Music Trends 112

A couple of podcasts

So, if you like the idea of hearing my voice talking about music business stuff, this is the post for you, because it contains two hours of that. Well, not two continuous hours of me talking, but two hour long podcasts on which I appear. First is the latest edition of the CMU Podcast, which … Continue reading A couple of podcasts

Facebook and Spotify have confused recommendations with shouting

On Sunday night I went to see Death Grips at XOYO in glittering East London. To say it was not really a Sunday night kinda show would be a bit of an understatement. If you're not familiar with Death Grips, they are MC Ride, producer Flatlander and Hella drummer Zach Hill. They make dark, unwelcoming, … Continue reading Facebook and Spotify have confused recommendations with shouting

Mark Zuckerberg and the verbs

So, after months, nay years of speculation, yesterday Facebook announced its new music offering. It wasn't, as many had once thought, an in-house music service, nor did it bring Spotify streaming in-browser, as was also suggested. It was, basically, a polished up version of Actually, Facebook's announcement yesterday does mean some pretty drastic changes … Continue reading Mark Zuckerberg and the verbs