Powers Of Ten

Back in January, we at CMU launched a new feature in CMU Weekly called Powers Of Ten. Each week we ask a different music-related (or not, as you will see in the near-ish future) person to select ten songs they love and then tell us a little bit about each one. It's fast become one … Continue reading Powers Of Ten

Albums Of The Year 2009

It is the law that all music journalists must come up with at least one end-of-year list come December. And I do not want to go to journalist prison. Not after last time. So, here are the ten albums I decided were better than all the others released in 2009 for CMU. Patrick Wolf – … Continue reading Albums Of The Year 2009

Today, I let my brain be the DJ

So, this morning I woke up with Happy Birthday Ralph by Atom And His Package in my head. Who knows why. It’s possibly that I was thinking about what to get my girlfriend for her birthday. Though I should point out that her name is not Ralph and the sentiment of the song’s chorus (“Happy … Continue reading Today, I let my brain be the DJ

Twitter Picks – Dramatic

Because I hate trying to answer the question “So, what kind of music are you into?” (and because I am horrifically anal about these things), I have spent much of the last ten years trying to condense my entire musical taste down to one word. For a while I toyed with borrowing an idea from … Continue reading Twitter Picks – Dramatic

Twitter Picks – Achingly Beautiful

This week I found myself with five tracks available in my monthly allowance on eMusic and no idea what to download. This is something that happens a lot. Under pressure to choose something, I experience the same thing that generally happens when I walk into a record shop, where I forget the name of every … Continue reading Twitter Picks – Achingly Beautiful