The CMU Podcast is back… live!

Back in 2011, my colleague Chris Cooke and I started presenting a weekly, and later monthly podcast discussing the latest news and trends in the music industry. We always had a break over the summer, due to Chris being up in Edinburgh for the whole of August, working on Edinburgh Festival magazine ThreeWeeks. But last … Continue reading The CMU Podcast is back… live!

Radio 1’s Disasterpieces

Last night Radio 1 aired a documentary entitled Disasterpieces. A counterpart to Zane Lowe's Masterpieces series, which looks back at classic albums, Disasterpieces looked at some follow-ups to great albums which were less so. It's a fun way to spend an hour, which is partly why I mention it, but also because I feature on it talking about … Continue reading Radio 1’s Disasterpieces

A couple of podcasts

So, if you like the idea of hearing my voice talking about music business stuff, this is the post for you, because it contains two hours of that. Well, not two continuous hours of me talking, but two hour long podcasts on which I appear. First is the latest edition of the CMU Podcast, which … Continue reading A couple of podcasts

Bloc Party v Bloc Party

Right, now I will grant you that this was not a story that really warranted almost 1200 words. However, it came time for me to write CMU's Beef Of The Week column and this was the pop scuffle that most made me laugh this week. My second choice was Rihanna v an Irish farmer. But other … Continue reading Bloc Party v Bloc Party