Hey, so here’s a post I’ve been meaning to write for ages. I thought I might never get around to it, but given that Tumblr is about to be driven into the ground by Yahoo!*, now seems like as good a time as any to point out that I have another blog on there too.

You might remember back at the beginning of last year I vowed to start posting semi-regular updates to this blog looking at some of the music I’d been listening to but hadn’t had time to write about. You probably don’t, but whatever, I only ever wrote three of them. I do still listen to more music than I can write about though, which the Tumblr blog sort of addresses.

I mainly set it up to be somewhere to collate music I was listening to online and wanted to refer back to. So, it’s just an ongoing series of auto-posted tracks which I’ve bookmarked on SoundCloud, YouTube and Vimeo. Yes, that is the sort of low quality posting that people who complain about Tumblr complain about, but it proves useful for me, alright?

Anyway, if you happen to be interested in seeing some of the stuff I’m listening to without any context, head over to Tumblr, or stare at the box at the bottom right of this page until your eyes dry out.

*Just joking, I’m sure it’ll be fine *bites fist*

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