Some stuff I’ve been listening to

Right, I’ve been neglecting this poor blog. It’s about time I started putting more stuff on it. And I have a plan to make that happen. I listen to a lot of new music, but I don’t always get to write about the stuff I come across that I like in CMU because there’s just too much of it – these days I don’t write as much of the Approved column in CMU as I used to. Things pile up, the moment passes. And, if I’m honest, sometimes I just forget.

So, my plan is to start pulling together bits and pieces I’ve enjoyed recently every now and then, some of which I will have already written about, some of which I won’t. If nothing else, it’ll help me remember what I’ve heard and enjoyed.

Porcelain Raft
Porcelain Raft‘s Strange Weekend is my favourite album of the year so far, and I expect it to stay at or near the top of my personal chart for the remainder of it. I wrote about the album here, and Mauro put together a brilliant playlist for CMU here.

Put Me To Sleep:

Suzanne Ciani
Often compared to Delia Derbyshire (although her advert jingles probably put her closer to Raymond Scott), Suzanne Ciani is an award winning and influential electronic composer. Next month Finder Keepers will release a compilation of her work from 1969 to 1985.


Magical Mistakes
Producer Erik Luebs formerly went by the name Death By Panda. Having switched to his current Magical Mistakes moniker, he release his debut album, Dislocation, last summer and has just put out a new EP, called Special Friends.

Supermoon Crashed featuring Mutual Benefit:

Producer Jez Berns, aka Bernholz, began releasing singles through Anti-Ghost Moonray Records last year, and his latest, Austerity Boy, is out in February. It’s a great odd pop track that pays strange homage (maybe homage isn’t the word) to Madonna’s Material Girl.

Austerity Boy:

Frankie Rose
When I’ve not been playing Porcelain Raft’s album lately, I’ve mostly been listening to Frankie Rose‘s solo debut, Interstellar. It’s a very lovely record and will hopefully do very well. My colleague Aly Barchi wrote about Frankie for CMU here.

Know Me:

I first heard Asbjørn when I saw him play to a packed 1000 capacity room at last year’s SPOT festival in his home town of Aarhus, Denmark, when he was going by the name Asbjørn And The Strange Ears. Still in his teens, he’s already written a raft of great pop songs. I wrote about Asbjørn for CMU here.

The Criminal:

Die Hard
Somehow involved in the set-up of Glasgow label Halleluwah Hits, Die Hard make music it’s hard to define. They remind me a bit of The Beta Band, although that might just be because they’re Scottish and make off-kilter pop music. Their debut album is out in February.

Nailed To The Cross:

Bad Weather California
Psych-rock outfit Bad Weather California release their new album Sunkissed through Akron/Family’s Family Tree Records label next month, and if it doesn’t put a smile on your face then you must be having a very bad day.

You’re My Friend:

A Whisper In The Noise
I love the back story to A Whisper In The Noise – it’s almost to perfect to be true. Until fourth album To Forget, which is out next month, all their music was written by one man, West Thordson, in the now abandoned primary school he attended as a child. Now a duo, they write music on a farm in the middle of nowhere. It’s very cinematic. I wrote about this for CMU here.

Black Shroud:

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