AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It

AlunaGeorge by Meg SharpComprising vocalist Aluna Francis and producer George Reid, pop duo AlunaGeorge self-released their double A-side debut single, ‘Analyser/We Are Chosen’, in May. Along with a handful of demo tracks posted online, it instantly marked them out as a name to write on a piece of paper and sellotape to you face to ensure you and everyone else looking in your direction was paying attention to them. OK, maybe not the piece of paper bit, but definitely the paying attention.

Reid brings together 2-step beats, wobbly basslines and more experimental electronica, but wraps it all up in mainstream pop production. As a result, the tracks could appeal to chin-stroking Zomby fans just as much as they might Girls Aloud aficionados, allowing the listener to enjoy them at surface level or to wallow in their smartness. And then there’s Francis’ voice, which is equally contradictory, flitting through multiple personalities in a matter of moments. From sweet to soulful, her style is unique and utterly infectious.

The duo release their new single, ‘You Know You Like It’, through Super Recordings this week. Their strongest track to date, with a killer chorus, you can check it out below. And you can find more tracks at their website, including a free download of the excellent ‘Disobey’.

Originally written for CMU earlier this year.

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