Sing along now…

When I was in Japan a couple of years ago, I watched a couple of TV shows teaching their viewers how to speak English. From them, I learnt what to say if you’re angry with your housemates, and also what to say if you’re a dog and another dog eats your sausages. All useful stuff, but none of them had songs. And songs are generally the best way to learn anything. For example…

Being ill in a foreign country is no fun, especially if you don’t know how to tell anyone what’s wrong. If only I’d learnt how to sing “I have food poisoning” in Czech before I went to Prague:

Crime is a harsh reality of life, but being able to chirpily ask an attacker to spare your life will surely brighten up being mugged at knifepoint for everyone:

If you believe that there’s one person out there for everyone, it’s conceivable that the person for you won’t live in your country, or even speak your language. They may also own a sensational dress:

After your date, you’ll need to keep the conversation going:

But sometimes it turns out that person wasn’t the one for you:

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