Come on Rebecca, this isn’t progress…

Rebecca Black has a new song out. This probably isn’t something I should really concern myself, but after the phenomenon of her debut, ‘Friday’, it’s hard to ignore.

She was ridiculed for the cheesy song and video created for her by Ark Music Factory, a vanity record label which offers teens the chance to play at being a popstar in exchange for a couple of grand. The resulting poor quality songs and videos are then uploaded to YouTube for their friends and family to point at and squeal. There were many before Black, but hers was the one which caught the public imagination.

After all that, we were told that she now had a proper team on board. A credible team of managers, producers and songwriters who would help her capitalise on her new found fame, and more importantly show people that she’s actually a great talent.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like that’s the case. Well, if she’s a great talent, her second single isn’t showing it. That ‘credible’ team now behind her, has simply come up with a slightly more polished version of what Ark might have given her if she’d stuck with them.

The song, ‘My Moment’, (and its video) tells the story of her sudden rise to fame from her perspective. But rather than being the positive spin that was clearly intended, it makes her sound bitter and isolated. Not great. It makes it look as much a cynical grab for cash as Ark’s vanity publishing.

I mean, is this…

…so different from this?

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