Talkers talking

TalkersDo you like the music of Wild Beasts, but struggle with all that high-pitched squawking? Then Talkers could be the band for you.

Someone on Twitter yesterday (I forgot who, sorry), was wondering why rock n roll spawned a genre called rock but not another called roll. I don’t think it was a serious question, but if that genre were to exist, bands like Wild Beasts and Talkers could definitely be in it.

Sometimes I write about rolling guitar lines, or rolling bass lines. Maybe even rolling drums. But in these songs, everything rolls. They’re tracks without punctuation, just one long sentence. Not in a bad way. Ozzy Osbourne speaks in long sentences without punctuation, but they don’t sound like that. Maybe like a cross between Ozzy and Terry Wogan. Does that sound bad? Yeah, it probably does. Oh well, it’s too late to change it now.

Anyway, Talkers are not bad. They are good. At this moment I know nothing about them, other than that they have two demos up on SoundCloud. And that two of them definitely wear woolly hats at least some of the time.

I came across Talkers on Jon Hilcock’s excellent New Noise podcast, which you should listen to every week without fail.

Also, for the record, I like Wild Beasts’ high-pitched squawking.

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