Kode9, Ninja Tune and more contribute songs for Japan

Nihon KizunaArtists including Kode9, Fink, Emika, Nightwave (aka 8Bitch) Daisuke Tanabe have donated tracks to a compilation released to raise money for the relief effort in Japan. In fact, so successful has the call to producers and labels for help been that Nihon Kizuna features 49 tracks in total.

Stream and (most importantly) buy the compilation via the Bandcamp widget below:

I did a short interview with UK-based writer and broadcaster Laurent Fintoni, who arrived in Japan for a six week holiday the day before the earthquake and tsunami hit. On Monday, he teamed together with three producer friends in Tokyo and pulled this entire project together in just five days.

“I love this country, I love its people and I’ve always felt spiritually connected to it,” Fintoni explained. “Within 48 hours [of the disaster] it became clear that while we were all here, there was a growing feeling of helplessness among us – we can donate money, and some of us blood, but that’s about it at this point.”

“On Monday, we started to talk about various music-related ways to generate money and interest, and that’s when this idea came up,” he continued. “Five days later we have the most heartening tracklist we could have ever hoped for to try to raise awareness and money for those who need it most – the nearly half a million displaced Japanese who live in the northern prefectures hit by the tsunami/earthquake combo.”

Read the CMU piece in full here. More information on Nihona Kizuna is available from www.nihonkizuna.com.

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