Lost in the supermarket

What would happen if you took a load of drugs and went to a supermarket? Probably spend way too long at the cheese counter and buy lots and lots of crisps. Or maybe you’d completely freak out, attack the fruit and get into conversations like this one:

You: “You’re gonna be proud that I’m your son”
Man who is not your father: “I’ve got no son”

So claims 1978 movie Death Drug, which follows the story of a singer (played by Miami Vice‘s Philip Michael Thomas) who signs a big record deal and then gets addicted to PCP.

The film came out in the same year that People magazine and documentary TV show 60 Minutes named PCP, aka angel dust, the favourite drug of America’s youth, and was presumably thrown together quickly in order to capitalise on the fear surrounding that. Certainly, it perpetuates the false claim that the drug makes users extremely violent and unusually strong, when in fact it generally makes people fall over and giggle.

Maybe this was actually an attempt to be subversive, because if the clip below is anything to go by, watching Death Drug is likely to make you fall over and giggle.

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