Paul Frick feat. Emika – I Mean (Dollkraut’s Band Interpretation)

Currently feeding my joint needs to hear Emika’s voice and to see people walking around with bags on their heads:

UPDATE: I wrote this in CMU’s Approved column:

One third of ‘acoustic techno’ trio Brandt Brauer Frick, Paul Frick has written and performed music in seemingly every conceivable style, from classical to metal to hip hop and beyond. Lately he’s been gaining notoriety on the electronic music scene with a handful of solo releases on various underground labels. The latest, a tech house track called ‘I Mean’, was released by Doppelschall/The Gym earlier this month and features the brilliant Emika on vocals.

Although the original version is very good, today we’re going to concentrate on Dutch producer Dollkraut’s reworking of it because, firstly, it’s also very good, and secondly, a video for it has just gone online. Shot on Super 8, and featuring a man with a bag on his head, the images in the video perfectly complement the John Barry-esque sound of the remix, which gently lays the already not overly energetic original back into full reclining position.


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