Two classics of the audio book genre

So, amongst the same box of vinyl that threw up this, I also found these. At the time I decided not to buy them, but looking at them again now, I kind of wish I had. Even though I would probably only have listened to them once, been a bit disappointed and then put them to one side, where they would have got in the way. But I could have picked them up and looked at them once in a while, just as I’m doing in these pictures. I guess I could look at the pictures. Yes, that would work. Let’s all do that now.

Noel’s Funny Phone Calls

Noel's Funny Phone Calls

These days, Noel Edmonds pisses about on Deal Or No Deal pretending to talk to an imaginary bank manager on the telephone. Back in the late 70s he actually phoned real people and messed with their minds. This is the sort of hilarious shit he got up to:

The Paul Daniels Magic Show

The Paul Daniels Magic Show

Yes, that’s right, the Paul Daniels Magic Show audio book. It’s an audio book of a magic show. Actually, there’s a very simple explanation for how this record came to exist, but it ruins the illusion that it’s an audio recording of a man doing magic tricks. Therefore, I’m keeping it to myself. Instead, let’s just stare down the Daniels tunnel this cover creates and forget I said anything.

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