The future of rioting attire

Plasmatics - Coup d'Etat

I was looking through some second hand vinyl recently and came across this. I think it might be to greatest album cover of all time. It shows an image of the future where tanks are readily available and you can stand up to the government while still looking cool. No unsightly backpacks or balaclavas for these revolutionaries. Sleeves no longer seem popular on men’s jackets – the quick survey I’ve just done based on this picture tells us that 75% of men in the future will remove the arms of the outdoorwear. Presumably the heat given off by all the burning buildings makes going outside uncomfortably warm, whatever the weather.

There’s further evidence of this if we look at the current line of womenswear. Our lone female agitator may have chosen a coat with sleeves, gloves and some pretty heavy-duty boots, but she’s opted for very little else, making this a multi-purpose outfit that can be adjusted for different temperatures.

Actually, for Plasmatics, the self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Punk Rock Band”, this clothing thought process probably isn’t that far from the truth. When the band came to London to play their first UK show at the Hammersmith Odeon, having built up something of a reputation for blowing up amps and chainsawing guitars on stage, they’d planned to blow up a car by driving it at the stage, which would be loaded with explosives, at the gig’s climax. The authorities got wind of this and wanted to see how the car would be detonated. They were shown and the gig was promptly shut down.

It sounds like the sort of stunt a band might talk up but never plan to carry out in reality. Maybe they didn’t originally, but back in New York the band did stage a free outdoor show where the idea was followed to its conclusion, frontwoman Wendy O Williams apparently leaping out of a Cadillac just before it hit the stage, destroying the car, stage and all the equipment on it.

Despite various other stunts, and releasing five studio albums, of which Coup d’État is the third, the band failed to set the music world on fire (pun, sadly, entirely intended). This is largely because the actual music is, well, let’s just say they probably should have spent a little less time blowing stuff up. Here, have a listen on Spotify for yourself. I’m off to cut the sleeves off my coat.

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