Akira The Don's All Time Top Ten mix

Things for the team behind The Remix on Xfm were all a bit exciting last Friday night. Shortly before going on air, we heard that Akira The Don, who had been working hard on his All Time Top Ten mix for three straight days, was going to be close to Wizard’s record of squeezing 204 tracks into his ten minutes of Xfm airtime.

Now, when Wizard broke that record back in May, we pretty much gave up on the idea of it being broken any time soon. We thought it would take years. The competitive element, we felt, had been removed, because he’d just set the bar too high. Even though Wrongtom still claims he could do a 1000 track ten minute mix. We’ve advised him not to try, for the sake of his health.

But when Akira announced that he wouldn’t be with us in time for the usual 10.30pm slot, things started looking more interesting. He’d been working on the mix almost up until the point we went on air and he’d managed to cram a few more tracks in. So, when he finally arrived in the studio brandishing alcohol and a large grin, we knew something good was about to happen. And happen it did.

Yes, we have a brand new record – 210 tracks in ten minutes. Actually, it was more than that, but it was 210 recognisable tracks with many, many more tiny samples tucked away filling out any space there might have been left.

Akira has put together this YouTube video to accompany the mix:

Here’s the current leaderboard:

1. Akira The Don – 210 tracks
2. Wizard – 204 tracks
3. Wrongtom – 100 tracks [download]
4. Stereo:Type – 64 tracks
5. Slyde – 54 tracks

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