The Deer Tracks

The Deer TracksOkay, eagle-eyed CMU-ers will have already spotted the fact that The Deer Tracks have been awarded SNAP Of The Day before, which you might think is jolly unfair when there’s all those so far un-snap-honoured bands out there on tenterhooks just waiting and longing for the day that they get elevated to this esteemed segment of binary code. But you can shut up, this is our daily music bulletin, not yours. We’ll do what we like. And what we like is The Deer Tracks, who have just launched a new YouTube channel. Up at the moment are the videos for ‘127SexFyra’ and ‘Slow Collision’ from the Swedish duo’s debut album, ‘Aurora’. Both are worth checking out, but ‘Slow Collision’ features some really lovely animation, so if you only have three minutes and thirty three seconds spare, that’s where I’d recommend you head. The channel has been up for less than 24 hours as I write this, but in the coming weeks we are promised live clips, video blogs and behind the scenes footage of recording sessions for their second album. And if that doesn’t deserve a second SNAP mention I don’t know what does.

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