Middle Class Rut

Middle Class RutWell, we were all convinced we made Middle Class Rut SNAP Of The Day months ago, but a quick search of the archives suggests we are wrong. Which means either the server ate it (which is possible) or we’ve completely failed to tip one of the most exciting new rock bands around right now. If it’s the latter, consider our wrists duly slapped. MC Rut is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Zack Lopez and vocalist/drummer Sean Stockham, formerly of the DreamWorks-signed band Leisure. Our good friend Eddy TM saw them live last week and tells us “Sean hits the drums like they raped his entire family, and Zack threshes his guitar like a medieval peasant on a serious deadline”. With the hooks of Rage Against The Machine, the delivery of Fugazi and the power of Refused, they are indeed a force to be reckoned with. There are eight awesome tracks streaming on their MySpace page, but the best place to start is ‘Busy Bein Born’, a song so good it probably shouldn’t be allowed.


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