Recommended tracks

Little Boots – New In Town
She may have been tipped as one to watch in 2009, but Little Boots hasn’t been rushing to milk it like some others have. If anything, she’s been irritatingly quiet. With tracks like ‘Stuck On Repeat’ and ‘Meddle’ she’s had our ears pricked for some time now. Meanwhile her cover of ‘Day N Night’ on YouTube convinced fellow tip-for-big-things, and the man responsible for that song, Kid Cudi, to retire from music. So, some nice little gems, but we want MORE. Luckily, she’s ignored our impatience and has instead been investing her time into creating single tracks as good as this one, ‘New In Town’, which got its Xfm premiere on Friday night’s Remix. Everything comes to those who wait as they say. That said, still can’t wait for the debut album in June, when we’ll finally get the MORE we’ve been shouting out for!

Little Boots online: Website, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube,

Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls (The Grizzl Remix Edit)
Franz Ferdinand’s new single, ‘No You Girls’, has been stuffed in my head on a loop on and off for a few weeks now. Just one listen and it’s lodged in your head for days at a time. No such trouble with this remix of it by The Grizzl, though. Almost none of the original survives their attack on it, the focal point of which is the sound of Alex Kapranos’ vocals being stretched and squashed. It’s not until towards the end that anything you could describe as recognisable appears. Top stuff.

Franz Ferdinand online: Website, MySpace, Facebook,

These track recommendations were taken from the 6 Apr 2009 edition of The Xfm Remix Update. Read the whole thing here.

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