Russian Red

So, I went to Spain last week. Whenever I go somewhere abroad, I always like to pick up some local music to get some idea of what goes on in pop around the world. Anyway, I picked up two albums from Fnac in Barcelona, one of which was unbelievably awful (despite this, the band felt it was worth recording two CDs worth of their filth). The other was ‘I Love Your Glasses’ by Russian Red, which was then sitting at number eight in the charts and is completely lovely. The woman behind the name, Madrid-based singer-songwriter Lourdes Hernández, sings with a voice that often brings to mind a less eccentric Joanna Newsom, and the laidback folk with touches of country and jazz that backs her provides the perfect accompaniment. The fact the she’s still selling enough to be top ten in Spain nine months after the album’s original release is testament to just how very good indeed the album is. It also features an excellent cover of ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ as a bonus track, which is nice. The album is available on download in the UK, and is on Spotify. But for a quick introduction to the Russian Red sound, head over to the MySpace, linked below, and check out ‘Cigarettes’ and ‘Hold It Inside’.

This article originally appeared in CMU Daily on 2 Feb 2009

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