Swedish girl back in town

Frida HyvonenSwedish songstress Frida Hyvönen releases her second album, ‘Silence Is Wild’, via Secretly Canadian on 2 Feb. Beefing things up with the addition of a full band of a handful of tracks, this album is musically more forthright than her previous work, in many ways catching up with her lyrics and providing a more suitable backing to them.

The two standout tracks for me are ‘London!’ and ‘Scandinavian Blonde’, both of which come from similar lyrical perspectives. The latter sees Hyvönen describing how she, as a Scandinavian blonde, is seen by anyone from outside northern Europe, twisting the stereotype out to expose its ridiculousness with a humour that brings you in on the joke, while still poking fun at you. Meanwhile, ‘London!’ switches things around, and is written as a love letter to the UK’s capital city, from the perspective of a foreigner. Despite this, it manages to capture exactly how I feel about the city in which I live. It’s a keen observation of London and its residents, celebrating an unrequited love, where the object of desire’s actively hostility only makes it more appealing – “the way you want to get rid of me makes me weak at the knees”.

The album is by no means perfect, with a few songs passing by almost unnoticed, but tracks like ‘London!’, ‘Scandinavian Blonde’ and the opener, ‘Dirty Dancing’ have kept me coming back to it again and again over the last month or so.

Frida Hyvönen official site
Frida Hyvönen on MySpace

Buy Silence Is Wild on Amazon

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