Raymond and Maria: Swedish Pop Sensation #769

Raymond & Maria are six men and women from Sweden. Though they do number one Maria, their name is actually borrowed from a swingers club in Stockholm.

Formed in 2002, the band have been a well-known and much-loved group in their homeland since the release of their debut single Ingen Will Veta Var Du Köpt Din Tröja (No One Wants To Know Where You Bought Your Sweater) in 2004, when it topped the Swedish charts for a number of weeks.

The recent release of an EP of songs in English (including a reworking of that debut single as No One Notices Your Brand New T-shirt) has peaked the interest of those in the know and has sparked a fierce bidding war amongst UK labels.

So, what can you expect from such a hotly tipped band? Well, that special brand of sunshine pop that only the Swedes seem to be able to pull off – but with a twist. Sisters Maria and Camilla’s sweet vocals, plenty of handclaps and jangly acoustic guitars very nearly divert your attention away from sharp, cynical lyrics Morrissey would have been proud of in his prime.

The band are playing three UK shows in next month:

19th June – The Fly, London
20st June – The Windmill, London
21st June – The Water Rats, London
22nd June – Sounds Of Sweden @ The Admiral Bar, Glasgow

Raymond & Maria official website
Raymond & Maria MySpace

No One Notices Your Brand New T-shirt (Live in Johan & Maria’s kitchen):

5 thoughts on “Raymond and Maria: Swedish Pop Sensation #769

  1. It depends on your view of twee Swedish pop.

    I see you’ve developed your insult gland a little further. Did you call me a lampshade the other day? That’s a pretty good one.

    There are more posts coming. I meant to write one yesterday but I didn’t get around to it. I have written the first sentence, though. But I wrote that two months ago.

  2. Raymond & Maria is fantastic. I played them for people who never heard them before and overall.. “who was that?.. play it again, again.. one more time, please. 🙂 Could they be a new kind of ABBA?

  3. I like their music. I saw them on TV during my third trip to Sweden in 2005 and bought their CD. I bought their second CD on my most recent trip there, last year. I live near Chicago, and have played their CDs for my friends and family. They have been well received by most listeners, despite the fact that I have to translate the lyrics. They now have English versions of some of their songs on myspace, which seems to be better for most Americans, although I prefer the original Swedish versions. Maria has a nice accent!

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