Osymyso: Return Of The Palindrome

Osymyso is back. Not that he ever really went away; live Djing, mixing Radio 1 comedy/music show The Milk Run took up a large part of 2006 and mix album The Art Of Flipping Channels, while more recently he has been producing and remixing Charlotte Hatherley. However, for most Osymyso fans, the collapse of the incredibly ambitious 05ymy50 project (create and release a brand new track for the first 50 weeks of 2005, then mix it all together and release as an album on 1st January 2006) will have set alarms ringing.

After his website went out of action last year, you may have been forgiven for thinking the king of the cut-up had packed up and gone home. The more attentive amongst you will have found a steady trickle of MySpace blog posts over the last couple of months, but now Osy has made his official return to public life with a new website and a clutch of new music.

Head over to that new site and you’ll find Kylie Minogue lying bleeding in a new remix, I’m Terribly Sorry, I Think I’ve Broken Your Kylie, and not one but two new DJ sets; Slowerer Mix and Fasterer Mix. Both DJ sets are a great step into the strange world of Osymyso and his fantastic ability to get you dancing with tears (of laughter) in your eyes.

As if that wasn’t already enough, head over to the MySpace page and you can grab an homage to Our Tune, Drum And Bates and a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the first Indiana Jones movie, a cover of John William’s Raiders March, entitled Raiders Return.

Who knows, maybe we might even see that long, long, long awaited second album this year. Even if we don’t, we can live happy in the knowledge that Mr Nicholson is firmly back on the radar. The music world is a much shinier place with him around.

Osymsyo official site
Osymsyo MySpace

I’m Terribly Sorry, I Think I’ve Broken Your Kylie (MP3)
Slowerer Mix (MP3) (Tracklisting)
Fasterer Mix (MP3) (Tracklisting)

I’m Terribly Sorry, I Think I’ve Broken Your Kylie video:

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